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Faculty Development

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Self-Assessment Activities

Select one or more of the activities below to develop your skills in supporting workplace-based learning.

If you are registered on the site, you can write up your reflections in the ‘reflections area’ . Click on the ‘my area’ link at the top of the page to access your personal pages. Please note that you must be logged in to do this.

1 Get involved in peer observation of clinical teaching

Ask a colleague if they will observe you and give feedback, but seek opportunities to do the same for them. It is a really powerful way to learn more about your teaching and to get good ideas for ways to develop your approach.

2 Ask students and trainees for explicit feedback on the learning opportunities provided

  • What makes the attachment or post one that is good for learning?
  • What seems to get in the way of their learning?
  • What would they like more of?
  • What would they like less of?
  • Whose approach to teaching do they like and why?