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Explore further

The content for these papers was first written in 2003 as part of a project led by the London Deanery to provide a modular web-based learning resource to support the educational development for clinical teachers.

The content has been revised and updated by Judy McKimm in 2007/8 to support the introduction of the Deanery’s e-learning modules, a new web-based learning package for clinical teachers. 

Each of the updated papers is a PDF document that provides a summary and background reading on a core topic in clinical education. They can be read as standalone papers or in conjunction with the e-learning modules. Each of the e-learning modules identifies a few papers in ‘Explore around this topic’ that link specifically to the content in that module.

Understanding teaching and learning

Teaching and learning in the clinical context: theory and practice
Linda Hutchinson

Learning theories
Judy McKimm

Facilitating learning: teaching and learning methods
Judy McKimm and Carol Jollie

Curriculum design and development
Judy McKimm

Martin Rhodes

Evaluating teaching and learning
Judy McKimm

Using learning resources to enhance teaching and learning
Frank Harrison

Educational supervision and personal support
Judy McKimm and Carol Jollie

Mentoring: theory and practice
Judy McKimm, Carol Jollie and Mark Hatter

Facilitating professional attitudes and personal development
Jonathan Martin

Practical applications in clinical settings

Integrating teaching and learning into clinical practice
Clare Morris

Teaching and learning through active observation
Clare Morris

Using the clinical consultation as a learning opportunity
Frances Carter and Anita Berlin

Teaching and learning in operating theatres
Wendy Reid

Teaching and learning in the community
Anita Berlin and Frances Carter

Teaching and learning ‘at the bedside’
Jane Dacre and Deborah Gill

Teaching and learning in outpatients’ settings
Diana Wood

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