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Becoming An Effective Interviewer

Becoming An Effective Interviewer

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This module looks at how you can enhance your performance as an interviewer, in order to make an effective contribution to an interview panel. Although the module is suitable for those responsible for the design and development of interviews, it is also applicable for interview panellists who need to be aware of good practice and legal requirements.

The module begins by looking at why there has been a move away from old style recruitment and selection (e.g. sending in a CV and then if shortlisted, the interview consisting of an unstructured conversation) towards structured and standardised recruitment and selection. After exploring key terms, structured recruitment and selection is examined in detail and the validity of different selection methods (e.g. application forms, references and interviews) are compared. The underpinning legislative framework that needs to be borne in mind at all times is also outlined and there is a linked test in Appendix A where you can judge whether different questions are inappropriate or appropriate.

The differences between selection into medical school and subsequent selection episodes are explored and guidance is given on how best to prepare to sit on an interview panel. With reference to the 2014 Core Medical Training CT1 application process, an MMI (mini multiple interview) structure is outlined and descriptions of scoring procedures are explained.

The module ends with a description of how to avoid common interviewing mistakes.

Thinking point
  • Reflecting on your experience as an interviewee – think back to an interview that you felt gave you a good opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the post in question (even if in the end you were not offered the post).
  • What were some of the specific characteristics of this interview that made you feel that you had been given a good opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the post?
  • Can you also identify an interview which left you with the opposite feeling (i.e. that you had not been given a good opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the post?). What impact did this have on your impression of the employing organisation?

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